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dynamic service based integration for the modern world


The days of a few internal applications sharing data are over.  

Enterprises are increasingly more connected and complicated, both inside, and out.

For our businesses to be successful, we need to do more...








Do it Reliably

And Inexpensively


New Business


Integration Made Easy.

Make sophisticated Integration Architecture simple to build, simple to run and simple to manage.

Using your existing Integration Technologies.

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     Dynamic Runtime.     Simplified.

The Runtime is a dynamic, configuration driven framework that allows you to operate multiple concurrent versions of all your service assets at the same time, using your existing integration tooling.  Great for Incremental Transformation Programmes, New Service Releases and even A/B Testing.  Canonical Support as Standard.  No more hardwiring, just an easily changed and scalable architecture.

Software Lifecycle. Complete.

An advanced runtime with industry best practice development tooling and ops monitoring.  Get the best out of your developers, and automate the testing and deployment of assets to the runtime.  

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Powerful Monitoring. Everywhere.

Customisable fine-grained auditing of service activity, monitored and managed in one beautiful place.  Fix issues and Test Services right from your browser, with a simple, single view of your infrastructure.

The Power is in the Platform

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Making Integration Work

 It takes a lot more than tools to make integration of systems, services and APIs work.  It requires good architecture, experience and a lot of best practices made simple and accessible from day one.  

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Imagine More.  Do More.

It can do more than you can imagine, and more than you ever realised you needed

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Configuration Based Runtime

Through some simple configuration you can create sophisticated integration solutions, services and API backends.  In some cases, that is all you will need, in others a data map may be required as the only code to deploy.  Everything else is taken care of by the platform framework.   Do more, in much less time.

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Your integration services & solutions will run in any integration technology that can run PIP.  That means you can share assets across teams that might use different vendor tools for their integration needs.  You can also easily migrate from one tool to another as your requirements change over time.  This is your Freedom.

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Concurrent Versioning

This is liberating.  You can run as many versions of any of your assets (services, data maps, java code, integration flows, etc) together at the same time.  So, whether you are doing A/B Testing, or gradual migration from one API version to another, or supporting a complicated transformation programme.  Now you can do this out of the box. Magic.

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CI & Automatic Deployment

Integration Development Workflow, from IDE to Source Control, Automated Testing to Automated Build and Deployment to the Integration Platform.  We've solved these issues for you, so you can get on with making something great.

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Dynamic Content Based Routing

Using Header Configurations, which have been defined at either design time or dynamically added at runtime, it is possible to dynamically route a message through the execution pipeline and to different targets. Especially useful when migrating a subset of your customers to different systems over time.  

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Auto-Binding Data Enrichment

During the Execution Pipeline of your integration flow or services, it is easy to automatically bind to an external web service and to enrich your own data automatically with just a couple of lines of configuration - no data maps or conversion necessary.

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Exception Resolution Workflow

Fine-grained, configurable auditing and exception alerting allow sophisticated monitoring of service executions.  When exceptions do occur, you can fix them and resubmit or retry the execution from any restart point

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Synthetic Testing

There are times when you want to test the production environment deployment either for continuous health monitoring, or when you want to debug a failed message.  PIP understands when you want to test something but not change the state of applications or data stores.  So you can test away in production without breaking anything, and get a clearer view of the health of your platform and solution to your failed transactions

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Canonical by Default

PIP supports a Canonical Messaging style approach by default. It will help you make this design pattern a reality that can be managed.  You can also benefit from helper functions, such as auto-converting data syntax (e.g. JSON to XML to JSON)

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Modernising Big Data Analytics Integration at a 

Fraud Detection & Customer Insight Company

A Customer Case Study

“Our platform-based, just-enough-architecture, just-in-time approach delivered by Pasker meant we could afford to provide a highly sophisticated technology solution to our big data challenge in a short amount of time.

This made all the difference for my strategy to modernise the organisations’ IT systems whilst delivering new key business services.”

Phil Smith, CIO, Transactis

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Complex Service Chaining

The company sells data analysis, so complex processing of data is at the centre of how they remain successful - this could entail between 30-50 services in a complex, rule based processing chain

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Realtime Online Fraud Check

The company moved from a batch based analysis of customer data to a realtime analysis, on demand, thanks to the nature of the integration platform

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Rules Based Decision Processing

Highly sophisticated business rule logic for analytical decision making is at the core of this business.  The new platform and architecture allowed this to be done much more simply, and consistently than ever before

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Common Services, Multi-Channel

Whether Online processing or Batch processing, internal user or external, the same core services were used, with just the need to create a channel adapter

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Standardised Runtime

A standard way to build all services that could be partitioned easily for new customer requirements

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Legacy Migration

Migration from a legacy platform developed in a range of technologies, primarily C/C++ & Shell Scripts

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  • Framework Components
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  • Set-up & Training

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Initial Project

  • Integration Platform & Framework + First Project
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  • Customised Integration Platform & Framework 
  • Framework Design Documentation
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