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about pasker


We're a passionate group of experienced software architects, engineers and technology leaders that believe the future of business will be sophisticated, intelligent and standardised systems that are elegantly simple.  Simple to design, simple to build, simple to manage and simple to use.  For everyone.

We have a wealth of experience with complicated change programmes, large scale and sophisticated IT Systems and Architecture in some of the largest and most complex Enterprise environments in the world.  We understand that doing this right is hard. We believe passionately in high quality, architecture driven solutions and in taking a holistic view of how an enterprise delivers and manages its systems.  

We believe that making things simple, making change work, and making things scale, are what separates the modern world from the outdated - the superstars from the failures.  And we want to make the sophisticated design & technology that makes this possible, available to everyone.

We believe we can Make Systems Work. Together.

The Founders Story


Damian and Damien have lived through some of the greatest decades of the technology revolution, and experienced how the IT Industry has developed over many years of exciting (and sometimes painful) ideas.   Battling through the wild west of Enterprise IT Projects in the 80s and 90s, and the buzzword riddled 00’s through to the exciting times of today.

Whilst Designing and Building some of the world’s most advanced distributed systems integration solutions for companies around the world, and leading innovation & architecture for many complex Transformation Programmes, it became apparent that there were many common issues and limitations with enterprise software available in the market, and, importantly, with the reality of how enterprises plan, deliver and manage systems.   Thankfully, today, one of those issues - the physical infrastructure - has been solved to a degree where we can rely on easy to use infrastructure as a service, from the likes of Amazon, Google, Rackspace & Microsoft.  This is a major step change in the evolution of the Enterprise System.

But this is just one of many problems, and doesn’t really address the software or business layers of the equation.  We still see organisations struggling to meaningfully plan and architect their enterprise, we still see disjointed and brittle systems, we still see organisations struggling to build even the functional elements of an application efficiently and reliably, let alone the high end architecture required for modern systems to behave like we really want them to.  Worst of all, we still see a landscape of Enterprise Software choices from the 90s that are welded together as a function of business acquisitions, not product vision, and which seem increasingly focused on marketing toward the latest fad or buzzword, and less focused on making it easy for enterprises to make their ideas come to life.  We also see people building the old world into the new cloud paradigm, and repeating the same mistakes.

We want to change that.  We want to make sophisticated, intelligent & high quality systems, that are standardised and open.  Systems that are simple to design, simple to build, simple to manage and simple to use.  For everyone.   We want to make the entire lifecycle of the Enterprise System predictable, integrated, and just so damn easy to do things right that you can’t help but make your ideas come to life.  From the moment you think it, to the moment you retire it from use. Every step of the way, in every team, for every business system you want to build or buy.  We want organisations to stop guessing, and start making.  

We know this is difficult.  We know that this is bigger than just software.  But we believe this is the future.  We believe every single business, small, and large, will one day spend their time on what makes their business special, not on rebuilding and reinventing the same old fundamentals and making the same old mistakes.

We believe that the Enterprise is the System.  And we believe that this System will be powered by a Platform that allows you to spend more time, being you.  

This is why we are building the world’s first Universal Software Platform at Pasker.

Damian Bere, CEO & Founder

Damien Mannion, COO & Founder

meet some of our team

we have a fantastic & passionate team here at pasker, here are a few of our leads.

CEO & Founder

Damian Bere


COO & Founder

Damien Mannion 

Consulting Director

Pat O'Donnell

Technical Director

Derek Arthur

Sales Director

Chris Limberger

Software Engineering Lead

Gary Newbould

Front End Lead

Tom Howell

DevOps Lead

Tony Free